Welcome to my portfolio website ^_^

My name is Anthony Corton and I'm an aspiring software developer 🐝🐿️🦅

Education 🏫

I hold a Bachelor's of Science in Biology from Montclair State University 🦅 and a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science from Oregon State University 🐿️. I'm also continuing my graduate studies in Computer Science at Georgia Tech 🐝.

Kamui RPG (PyGame) ☕

I like spending my free time playing around in Adobe Photoshop when I'm not coding. I grew my passion for photoshop into creating my own 2d rpg that I'm developing in Python. I draw the monsters, player, weapons, and magic sprites in photoshop with their associated animation frames. I also create the magic spells in photoshop alongside world assets.

Music 🎧

I like listening to a variety of different tunes including lofi, phonk, and techno. Feel free to listen to some of my favorites by clicking the links.

What I do

Below you will find a brief explanation of some of the techinical skills I have acquired while studying Computer Science.


I have obtained the following certifications for AWS which can be verified from my main page on credly here.

  • Certified Cloud Practioner
  • Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
AWS Kamui project: CloudFront, Route 53, S3


With knowledge of MySQL, HTML5, JavaScript, and Node.js I have co-authored a starter guide for students enrolled in CS:340 at OSU. The guide demonstrates how to set up and code a responsive full-stack website that can interact with a MariaDB server, project follows the CRUD principles.

Python Programming

I'm experienced with creating programs in Python with popular libraries such as NumPy, Tkinter, and Pygame. Current projects include coding my 2d RPG in PyGame and creating a trading algorithm for QuantConnect Lean. As a programmer I find the adaptability of python to be interesting as it's a language that has many different applications.

Web Development

I have experience in using languages such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to create front end web pages.

Teacher's Assistant

I have worked as a Teacher's assistant for over two years at Oregon State University, I have assisted in teaching the following courses.

  • CS 161: Intro to Programming
  • CS 340: Intro to Databases
  • CS 352: Intro to Usability Engineering

Current Classes

I'm enrolled for my Masters in Computer Science at Georgia Tech where I'm focused on specializing in machine learning.

Get in touch

Feel free to fill out the form below for any inquiries you may have. You will also find links to a few of my social websites under the social header. Cheers!